This project was initiated with a curiosity in the kinetic metallic wall that divides the spaces between the architecture building’s gallery and its adjacent Lecture Hall. The wall’s simple rotational movement between its two locked states is the foundational parameter of the idea. Our goal was to use the accuracy and experimentation of the digital fabrication process to make a kinetic structure that utilizes the wall’s inherent movement to transform itself and its encapsulated discreet spaces. The first stage of development was the implementation of a joint mechanism that needed to accommodate for the wall’s dynamism. After several generations of this mechanism, it took on the ability to rotate, slide, lock and attach/detach at nodes desired and allowed for layers of members connected through it to move uniquely or in unison. These properties became instantiated in the form of AIuCK, an acronym for Architectural Installation using Contours and Kinetics. The program of AIuCK, is a semi-closed off area for seating, and is mainly based on the need for resting points in the building and the desire to make the project interactive. The beauty of AIuCK, beyond the end result presented, is the numerous possibilities of what it can be. By simply changing the specificity of a single parameter, AIuCK can become something completely different, while still retaining its formal and performative qualities.