This was a design-build project that incorporated the entire 2011 architecture design studio to engage in what is officially known as “Blossom” a community garden designed for the city of Pawtucket, RI. 
    The 12-week studio course introduces students to the relationship between design concept and the tactility of actual construction methodologies. We began this project by breaking  into factions, mine being the team that was to conceptualize the development of the garden beds and trellis system, components that would have to harmoniously integrate the decking, vertical structural supports, and create a place for storing gardening materials and seating for visitors. The garden beds went through multiple iterations and modifications to arrive at the correct dimensions and aesthetic of the architectural language, concerning “Blossom’s” construction in its entirety. Subsequently, we cultivated the trellis system which required that we adaptively reuse an existing parking structure as the foundation for the curvilinear forms that would act as the primary compressive members. We then had to devise a tensional system that would be built into the ends of the opposing garden beds to also withstand the weight of the melons and not slack from overuse or weather deterioration.