My responsibility as a fabrication contractor required corresponding in a team with 3-6 other individuals working to construct a custom architectural installation for the Direct TV corporate building in Los Angeles, CA. This project was comprised of a two-part curvilinear wall made of a digitally fabricated aluminum egg-crate structure, covered with prefab aluminum sheets mounting a total of 47,000 LED lights, then covered with tempered Macrolon-plastic panels. The copious amount of LEDS acted as pixels for a larger projection screen that could display designed animations, videos and/or abstracted algorithms of color. Given that this involved a very tactile exposure to the project, it required that I have a familiarity with fabrication methodologies in metal, wood, and composite plastics accompanying basic construction/structural principles. The project involved understanding and working with multitudinous digitally fabricated parts as well as many on-site manually custom-made components.