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As of late, I have been retained by the client as an architectural consultant to help design, detail, and fabricate the "integrated ceiling system". This geometrically complex structure consist of warped 2x4s that are mounted to the plywood ceiling substructure and curve along with the radii that organize the building's curving exterior walls and eaves. This not only reinforces the formative geometric principles that are inherent in the building, but also creates a sense of visual continuity between the otherwise compartmentalized, separate spaces.

The West Residence is a 2000 sq. ft. high-end residential building that is currently under construction located in the beautiful hills of San Rafael, CA. Being both progressive and accomplished engineers, the clients wanted something that was both sustainable and innovative in its conception. The result is a kind of "comet", a building characterized by its simple arcing gesture and organized by a series of radiating lines and three primary non-concentric circles. The concave side consists of tall window-walls facing out towards the edge of the slope and beyond to the San Francisco Bay. The program is unusual in that the spaces are rather modestly sized however they are compartmentalized to allow for exceptional sonic isolation. the head of the "comet" is a sizable performance and music studio with adjacent bedrooms that also function as ISO-booths for recording in complete silence. The form has been highly optimized in its building systems and is a result of a thoroughly iterative and interdisciplinary process.